We offer software licensing and/or subscriptions for use in multiple technology platforms as well as help you define the best acquisition scheme.

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  • Operating Systems and Virtualization Software image

    • Oracle Linux / Red Hat Linux Support Subscriptions.
    • Oracle Linux KVM and VMWare Licensing.
    Operating Systems and Virtualization Software
  • Database and Application Software image

    • Oracle Database and Options (Oracle RAC, Oracle Partitioning, Oracle Advanced Security, Oracle Data Masking, among others) and Oracle MySQL Licensing.
    • Microsoft SQL Server Licensing.
    • Disaster Recovery: Dbvisit Standby Licensing.
    • Middleware: Oracle Weblogic, JBoss, Microsoft Information Server.
    • Monitoring: Oracle Cloud Control, Zabbix, New Relic.
    Database and Application Software
  • Oracle Cloud Subscriptions image

    • Oracle Cloud IaaS.
    • Oracle Cloud PaaS.
    Oracle Cloud Subscriptions

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